DNA MisMatch Repair Lab

Projects (14)

Modeling precancer in germline mismatch repair deficiency for a personalized immune-based surveillance (MIsMatch4PERSON)

The mechanistic basis for constitutional MLH1 methylation

Characterizing early events driving carcinogenesis in Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency (CMMRD) syndrome as a potential strategy for precision surveillance and prevention

Assessment of a novel pan-cancer biomarker to improve immunotherapy response prediction

Validation of the clinical use of high-sensitivity microsatellite instability assessment in improving early diagnosis of endometrial cancer and establishing personalized gynecological follow-up strategies in Lynch syndrome

MedPerCan: Personalised Medicine in Cancer – Catalonia: A pilot study on the impact of genomic testing in the decision-making process in Oncology

IMPaCT-VUScan: Development and implementation of a functional genomics platform for undiagnosed hereditary cancer

IMPaCT Genómica: Implementation of Precision Medicine in the Spanish National Health System.

Hereditary Cancer Research Group – AGAUR

SpadaHC: Spanish DataBase for Hereditary Cancer

SOLVE-RD: Solving the unsolved rare diseases

Pancreatic orthotopic PDX mouse models as tools to test new therapeutic strategies for pancreatic cancer

Ability of a polygenic risk score to refine cancer risk in Lynch syndrome

Hereditary forms and development of biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancer