Rare TumorS Lab

Projects (9)

Characterization of the novel DGCR8-microprocessor syndrome

Underpining the effects of defective miRNA biogenesis in the formation of thyroid tumors

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms driven by FGFR1 mutants in Low Grade Gliomas

To uncover the genetic causes of Gorlin-like patients without an identified molecular cause.

Clinical and molecular characterization of novel subtypes of Sex Cord-Stromal Tumors of the ovary

Clarifying the phenotypic spectrum associated with RAD51 partners and the proteomic interplay of RAD51 paralogs.

Building the Network of Rare Ovarian Tumors (NRTO), an intercontinental initiative

IMPaCT-VUScan: Development and implementation of a functional genomics platform for undiagnosed hereditary cancer

IMPaCT Genómica: Implementation of Precision Medicine in the Spanish National Health System.