16 May 2023

Instability of DNA microsatellites, a possible predictor of endometrial cancer

They develop a new highly sensitive method that combines massive sequencing of the genetic material of patients and subsequent bioinformatic analysis, which would allow the detection of DNA changes that could predict the development of endometrial cancer. The test has...

20 April 2023

Researchers identify new genes predisposing to colorectal polyposis

Colon polyps are premalignant lesions, that is, they are not initially dangerous, but in the absence of proper clinical management they can turn into cancer. When the number of polyps is high, greater than 10 or 20, it is what...

3 April 2023

A bioinformatics program will accelerate the diagnosis of hereditary cancer

Approximately 10% of cancers can be attributed to genetic variants present in all patient’s cells since birth. These variants predispose the patient to suffer tumors at younger ages than the rest of the population. The early identification of these variants...